Incident Support & Fatality Retrieval

As solely a specialised mortuary ambulance service we have a wide range of specialisation open to us.

With this in mind, we have looked at similiar transportation services in other countries to see how they carry out other roles within the field of mortuary transportation and accident recovery.

We are currently in the final stages of readiness to unveil our new service. We aim to provide a priority service to the emergency services during fatal accidents and incidents covering road, water, and rail neworks.

Called the Fatality Retrieval Support Service (FRSS).  We have teams on `pager` alert 24 hours of the day or night all the year round. These teams can be called upon to go on standby near any known fatal incident, and once called upon we can use our dedicated equipment and knowledge to retrieve the victim, prepare the victim for transport, and handover to the deemed recieving mortuary, providing complete continuity and security of the remains at all times, freeing up a frontline ambulance much faster in the process. 

Please visit : The Fatality Retrieval Support Service Website :

Forensic & Scientific Support


As a specialised service, we can provide valuable transportation to a host of establishments.

We can cover straight to mortuary duties for the coroners office, priority transferal of remains in whole or part whether for further examination or for scientific purposes. Cryonics transportation, coverage at police led exhumations at cemetaries, and cover at archaeological sites nationwide. We specialise in the professional and discreet transportation of the deceased.

Whatever your specialist field call or email us with your requirements 24 hours of the day or night.

Whatever your mortuary transportation needs, call Chapel the professional mortuary ambulance transportation team.

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