Grave Tending Services.

Chapel provides a service dedicated to members of the public who for whatever reason cannot look after the grave or plot of a loved one or relative, it could be that it is to emotional, or just too far for you to travel.

It doesn`t have to be like that anymore. Chapel can now tend the plot for you and even provide safe transport for you to attend the grave anywhere in the United Kingdom, and if you are alone our caring staff can be there to support you from a distance.

Our service includes the thorough cleaning of the headstone or memorial, the tidying of the plot including removal of dead flowers, cutting of grass, edging of the plot, and the placement of fresh flowers are all in with the service we provide. We also photograph the plot before and after the tending.


As mentioned we can take you to any cemetary or memorial in the United Kingdom and be your support if you have to make the journey alone. With Chapel it doesn`t have to be an impossible task. We can help you to make the journey in comfort and safety and with our service we can get you much closer to the graveside than any other transportation service. We do not patronise we just provide support when it`s needed.

We provide 0ne off and ongoing services , Please call or email us for our all inclusive low prices.