Equipment & Vehicles

Chapel MTS Mortuary Transportation Service, prides itself as a professional mortuary & private ambulance service. Though we are all highly experienced in the funeral profession, we do not carry out funeral services though we do have many contacts with funeral parlours around the country. We specialise in all aspects of the transportation of the deceased to and from any location 24 hours of the day and night all year round. 


All of our vehicles are fully equipped to the highest standards at all times, this means that we can cover every situation in a precise and professional manner at all times. There is nothing worse than arriving at a first call duty with a one man fully wheeled stretcher only to find that you are on the fourth floor with no lift!. We can also provide major incident transportation using our vehicles and their vast equipment stores. Each vehicle carries a first call half fold stretcher with complete concealment body cover, Flexible complete concealment disaster stretcher, or one man wheeled stretcher, two small remains/ body parts holdalls, the rear doors are fitted with secure racking housing a store of 5 infant disaster grade body pouches, 5 adult body pouches, various size disaster grade forensic grade, hooded oversuits, overshoes, high density nuisance odour masks, medical grade powder free disposable gloves, and all weather staff protective clothing.

They are all fitted with full Bluetooth integrated handfree phone systems to give you direct contact with the contracted team at all times. Full postcode to postcode satellite navigation systems, and for major incident use as a static warning aid all vehicles are fitted with `covert` headlight fitted clear strobe lights to the front and rear including interior fitted state of the art L.E.D high intensity warning lighting. All Chapel vehicles are fitted with roof mounted ventilation systems supplied by Flettner Ventilator Ltd  these units have always lead the industry standard in technology in extracting nuisance odours and venting it safely to the atmosphere. These units are wind and motion powered so do not create battery drainage or excess noise, and because they operate when the vehicle is stationery this provides constant extraction of the nuisance odours that can stay in mortuary vehicles.

Please click on the pdf link below to download the flettner 2000 brochure.


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